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Untamed nature of the 13 national parks

Any reference to biodiversity in Gabon evokes the country's exceptional potential in terms of the variety of animal and plant species and investment opportunities. This is because the country is endowed with a number of assets that could make it a world leader in biodiversity. Gabon is the second-ra


The National Parks, a hotbed of plant and animal biodiversity

The 13 national parks are focal points for making contacts and ideal for observing this rich heritage first-hand. 54 million acres of forest, 10,000 square kilometers of lakes, 700 species of birds, 98 species of amphibians, between 95 and 160 species of reptiles, almost 10,000 plant species, over 400 tree species and 198 different species of mammals: this rich diversity abounds all over Gabon, safeguarded for the benefit of humanity in an area of 29,400 square kilometers, corresponding to 11% of the country's total land surface.

Each year, the national parks unveil exceptional natural treasures to the scientific community. Akanda National Park, for example, in the Libreville peninsula, stands out for its exceptionally high concentration of African migratory birds, from a variety of origins, who feed in an environment where rare orchids and palm trees cohabit with mangrove, which provides essential functions in the life cycles of certain animal species. In Loango Park, on the coast along the Atlantic seaboard, the wet grasslands are home to herds of forest elephants and buffalo, and you can also see hippopotamuses "surfing" on the ocean waves and rare birds such as the rosy bee-eater. All year round, you can enjoy the delightful spectacle of the somersaults of the bottlenose dolphins, humpback dolphins and rorqual whales off the coast in the Park.


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