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Few things to know before setting up your own business in Gabon


The assistance provided by the local Employers’ Confederation [Confédération Patronale Gabonaise – CPG] for businesspersons wishing to establish a business in Gabon:

Financial assistance
Possibility to obtain mid and long term financing. 

Assistance with legal and labour matters

  • CPG provides its members with reliable and immediate legal assistance.
  • CPG provides its members with access to a network of serious companies so as to form networks of contacts.
  • CPG organises training seminars that are accessible to all its members.
  • CPG has lobbied for the implementation of the:
  • National employment pact, signed by the State and the union representing the labour force.
  • Memorandum of understanding for a Social Compact in the Republic of Gabon.

Payment guarantees for state contracts
In order to guarantee payment for contracts awarded by the State, the creditors of the State, at the initiative of CPG, founded the CLUB DE LIBREVILLE on 21 March 2004. 

The conditions for membership to the Club de Libreville are as follows:

  • Companies which hold one or more debts against the State whose total value is greater or equal to 50 million CFA francs and is certified by the public treasury.
  • The companies must pledge to pay all taxes and levies due to the public treasury.
  • The CLUB handles the porting of its members’ debts on their behalf. The CLUB does not in so doing become the creditor of the State instead of its members: it represents them before the authorities but does not replace them.

For more information about "Confédération Patronale Gabonaise", contact the local chamber of commerce: 
BP 410 Libreville - Gabon 
Phone: (214) 76.02.43 
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