Administrative formalities

Essential administrative formalities to take into account

Since 1 April 2010, the Gabonese authorities can require travellers to produce a machine readable passport. Any person who holds a passport delivered between May 2000 and October 2003, which is still valid but not machine-readable, may thus not be able to enter Gabon.

For entry to Gabon a visa is required.

There are two options:

  • A visa may be obtained in your country of origin ;
  • Or it may be delivered on site after securing an entry permit.

1) Obtaining a visa delivered in your country of origin

Visas may be obtained from Gabon’s diplomatic missions and consulates. A list of the documents to be provided will be provided by the consulate. Only original documents will be accepted. These may be required upon arrival in Gabon by the officers of the airports and border police.

Please note that a visa delivered in the country of origin does not automatically provide a right of entry inasmuch as Gabon’s Border Police may perform checks and decide not to allow a person to enter into the country for lack of appropriate documentation.

2) Delivery of a visa on site in Gabon after securing and entry permit beforehand

To obtain an entry permit, including for family visits, an application must be submitted by the proposed host in Gabon to the Documentation and Immigration Department in Libreville. The visitor must present a copy of the application upon embarkation, i.e. upon departure from the country of origin. This is then exchanged, upon arrival in Gabon, against the entry permit.

Just as with visas delivered in the country of origin, it is recommended, for the entry permit, that the local hosts (family or company) be present at the airport to greet the new arrivals bearing the original documents submitted with the application, should it not have been possible to send these out before the visitor’s departure.

During any crossing of the border by air, sea or land, one should present, in addition to the copy of the application for an entry permit, a currently valid passport, a return ticket or circulaire nominatif and a vaccination booklet (yellow fever vaccination is mandatory). It is necessary to also carry 35,000 CFA francs, which is the cost of delivering the entry permit (also payable in euros: € 55). This procedure applies to all foreign nationals, be they tourists, businessmen or visitors.

3) Business travel to Gabon

For any stay lasting less than three months, businessmen are dispensed from the need for an entry permit should the stay have been organized by an approved travel agency in Gabon. However, they must prove the purpose of their presence in Gabon and/or list by any other written means their planned contacts during their stay.

4) For any stay of more than three months, in all cases, an open-ended entry permit will be required.

 A visa obtained on site, as opposed to a visa delivered in the country of origin, facilitates the process of obtaining a residency permit and can be extended.