Special economic zones

Economic Areas
A country open to investors


The creation of special economic zones offers a number of fiscal benefits to investors:

  • Nkok Special Economic Zone: 1,100 hectares near the capital, Libreville.
  • Mandji Tax-Free Zone: 1,500 hectares near Gabon’s business capital, Port-Gentil.


The current and future Special Economic Zones will make it possible to build diversified clusters, “New, specialist cities”, with a significant potential for creating direct and indirect jobs. In this way, Emerging Gabon will allow diversified investment and foster the development of enterprises that are champions in their domain, with influence at regional and international level, which in turn will boost the activity of the entire SME sector.


Tomorrow’s emerging Gabon will be integrated into global economic networks, no longer only through its oil and mineral resources, but also through its enterprises and the influence of its citizens.