Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities in the agricultural sector

Palm oil plantations

The government’s target is to make agriculture account for 20% of GDP.

Becoming the leading African producer of sustainable palm oil

Gabon will produce sustainable palm oil in partnership with Siat and Olam, while the country also plans to become the leading producer of palm oil in Africa by 2017.

The two companies have in fact committed to obtaining RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification.The new plantations will be developed on deteriorated forestland.

For its development, Gabon intends not only to draw on the local transformation of raw materials but also to work towards preserving the ecosystems out of a continuous concern for sustainable development, as Célestine Oguewa Ba, delegate Minister for Agriculture and Rural development, explained in June 2012.

Production of biofuel and rubber tree farming

Gabon has approximately one million hectares of very scarcely populated wet savanna (1,400 to 2,000 mm annual rainfall), perfectly suitable for biofuel production the development of low carbon emitting agriculture.

Rubber tree projects are also under development in Gabon, in the province of Woleu Ntem.