Ambitions for infrastructure development

Chantiers d’infrastructures (pelle)

In his inaugural speech, the President stressed the importance of providing Gabon with reliable infrastructure to drive economic growth, in relation to the sixth component of his agenda for social change, "Building infrastructure to support economic development". This determination goes hand in hand with the concern to improve the living conditions of Gabonese citizens: "Our transport infrastructure (roads, ports, airports, railways and production tracks) will be upgraded by rehabilitating inadequate infrastructure and building critical new sections. By the year 2016, the whole of Gabon should therefore be well-connected, to enable our country to position itself as a benchmark regional hub. 

The National Infrastructure Master Plan
The National Infrastructure Master Plan comprises 21 major projects, for a total investment over 6 years currently estimated at XAF5,913 billion (US$11.831 billion). This is a global development strategy aimed at providing Gabon with the requisite infrastructure across the country for the socio-economic development of the interior and a real diversification of the national economy. The coherence and the successful implementation of all of these projects will be assured by the supervision and the technical and financial control of the National Agency for Major Works.

The National Infrastructure Master Plan includes the following projects:

  • Greater Libreville Management and Planning scheme
  • Power – Infrastructure (estimated cost: XAF 1,504 billion/US$3.008 billion)
  • Transport – Infrastructure: roads, railways, ports (estimated cost: XAF1763 billion/US$3.530 billion)
  • Development of the mining sector (estimated cost: XAF1630 billion/US$3.260 billion)
  • Development of the tourism sector (estimated cost: XAF43 billion/US$85 million)
  • Mandji island Special Economic Zone
  • Establishment of the National Agency for Major Works (XAF170 billion/US$340 million)