Natural Resources


There are considerable investment opportunities in Gabon, due to the exceptional diversity of the country's natural resources and to President Ali Bongo Ondimba's determination to diversify the industrial economy. 

Gas, timber, oil, manganese, iron, gold, silver, diamonds, niobium, phosphates, lead, zinc, baryte and talc… are all part of the main resources found abundantly in Gabon. 

The emerging Gabonese economy is based on the domestic conversion of these raw materials, as explained by President Ali Bongo Ondimba in his agenda for social change: "The Industrial Gabon component will draw on the domestic conversion of our raw materials into goods. For it is true that no country can grow solely by exporting raw materials. The dynamic trend started with the ferro-manganese production will thus be consolidated, thanks to the exploitation of new manganese deposits, the construction of new railway sidelines and the exploitation of iron from Belinga. In the long term, Gabon has the vocation to become a metallurgy centre, with a dynamic fabric of SMEs exporting iron-based products to the whole sub-region and beyond. Similarly, a petrochemicals centre will develop, with the conversion of hydrocarbon resources and the production of fertilizer."