Investment opportunities

Opportunities for telecommunications and ICT sector

Télécommunications et téléphonie mobile

The development of NICT and telecommunications will be achieved, in particular, through the implementation of a fibre optic broadband infrastructure across the country and the introduction of third generation mobile telephony, known as 3G. 

A large number of projects are planned for this sector:

  • Secure access to international broadband by the diversification of supply routes, as Gabon is a partner of the ACE submarine communications cable project that will connect the West Coast of Africa to Europe;
  • The setting up of the fibre optic network between Libreville and Mayumba with a loop to Port-Gentil. The aim of this deployment is a Digital Gabon for all Gabonese citizens, which will reduce the cost of access to these new technologies;
  • Gabon's participation in the Backbone of Central Africa project designed to connect the countries in the CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community), here again with broadband fibre optic links;
  • The equipping of all the schools in Gabon with multimedia rooms with Internet connections;
  • Implementation of a digital administration.