Telecommunications and ICT


Significant changes related to technological advances and the gradual liberalisation of the market have marked the telecommunications sector in Gabon.

The exponential growth of the NICT sector and the business opportunities can be seen from the figures.Gabon currently has:

  • 40,000 landlines;
  • 350,000 cell phone subscribers;
  • 55,000 Internet users, representing 5% of the population;
  • 13,000 PSTN (public switched telephone network) subscribers;
  • 210 Internet cafés.

Through its developments and large-scale projects, Gabon is a figurehead in the African sub-region in terms of new technologies.The sector shows a potential for rapid development, a non-negligible source of economic growth.

The “Gabon of value added services” pillar of President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s agenda for social change highlights the country’s potential in terms of information and communication technologies:the digital economy in Gabon is becoming a reality.