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Towards a co-prosperity zone between Gabon and Cameroon
From 26 to 28 September in Libreville, the Gabonese authorities and their counterparts in Yaoundé met in order to set up a co-prosperity zone to revitalize exchanges between the two countries. A signature sealing this agreement is scheduled for the end of November.

Ali Bongo Ondimba and Paul Biya: the two Heads of State wish to reinforce their collaboration. Gabon and Cameroon are preparing to set up a co-prosperity zone intended to revitalise the exchanges between the two countries, in the same way as is done in Europe, between France and Germany.

For enhanced skills development

After the Libreville conference organised by scholars from the two countries, the protagonists proposed to reinforce their academic and scientific partnership, develop centres of excellence, promote teaching programmes on the topic of integration and laymanise political mechanisms. Furthermore, a co-prosperity zone would make it possible to reinforce the interconnection of traffic networks, telecommunications and power transport between Gabon and Cameroon.

All of these areas are primarily aimed at facilitating and simplifying relations between the two countries and improving the free movement of people and goods. In November, an economic forum in Yaoundé should serve to finalise this splendid cooperation project.

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