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President Ali Bongo Ondimba will co-chair the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Australia
Loango National Park
The World Parks Congress takes place every 10 years and the previous event was chaired by the late Nelson Mandela in South Africa.
This year the 6th World Parks Congress will be held from 12th to 19th November 2014 in Sydney (Australia) and will be co-chaired by President Ali Bongo Ondimba, Sylvia Earle, the American biologist renowned for her actions in favour of nature conservation, and Mirna Cunningham Kain, indigenous rights activist.
"This invitation is further recognition of the efforts deployed by Gabon to protect nature", said Alain-Claude Billie By Nzé, spokesman for the Presidency.
Indeed, after attending the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife trade in February 2014, after which a zero tolerance policy was adopted for poaching and illegal trade in elephants, President Ali Bongo Ondimba will now go to Sydney in November 2014 to attend the World Parks Congress, the theme of which is "Parks, people, planet: inspiring solutions". The main issue of this Congress will be to highlight the contribution of protected areas in reaching conservation and biodiversity goals, the fight against climate change, the health and well-being of the populations and the governance of the territories. The green list of protected areas will also be officially announced at this event.
The 6th World Parks Congress will address three strategic priorities:
  • promote and conserve nature;
  • seek "natural" solutions in the face of global changes;
  • promote effective and fair governance of the services provided by nature.
Today, the protection of fauna and flora is a crucial issue at the global level. 
The environment must be respected - that is in everyone's interest. 
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