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The world motorboat championship for the first time in Africa!

Gabon will have a double celebration from July 12 to 14, 2012. For the first time in Africa, the capital Libreville will be the home of the prestigious Class 1 offshore international speedboat competition. 

Speedboat racing is a group of competitive sports consisting of motor-propelled boat races. Another reason to celebrate is that the request for membership by the Gabonese Nautical Federation to the Union Internationale Motonautique(UIM - International Power Boating Association) presented by the Head of the President of the Republic's Office, Mr Liban Soleman, has been accepted. 

Gabon should receive its permanent membership status at the next UIM General Meeting scheduled to be held in October of this year in Greece. So, it will officially join the 56 member states of the Union Internationale Motonautique, an organisation that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Since this is the phase that Libreville is preparing to accommodate, the preparations are in progress for what promises to be an incredible festival of motorboat races. 

12 twin-engine boats, with up to 1,700 HP and V8 or V12 motors will participate in the Gabon Grand Prix. One of the boats, Spirit of Gabon, will compete in the colours of the Gabonese flag. The speeds go up to 250 km/h on a circuit running between the Boulevard de l'Indépendance and Tropicana. The pilots are natives of about ten countries including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Norway, England and Italy. About 200 people responsible for logistics as well as for the media are expected in Libreville. 

Before the world motorboat championship of July 12th to 14th, the public will be invited on Sunday, July 8th, to attend a boat exhibition from 3 pm to 6 pm in front of the Lycée National Léon Mba.

According to the organisers, Libreville was chosen for its beautiful maritime façade and the positive opinion that is held of Gabon in the sub-region as a privileged place for great sporting events.

The Gabonese capital is the second stop after Doha. The next stops will be in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and China.

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