Call for tenders

Health Care
N ° file: AOI no. 016/MS/UGP2012
Biomedical supplies and equipment to reinforce efforts to combat maternal mortality in Gabon

Source of funding: French Development Agency – Funding Agency

Deadline for bids: 13 November 2012 - 08:30 a.m.

Buyer: Gabonese Ministry of Health

  1. The Ministry of Health has obtained funding from the French Development Agency (AFD), with a view to funding the cost of the “Gabonese health sector support project”, and proposes to use a portion of the funds to make payments authorised under this contract. 
  2. The Ministry of Health is now requesting bids in closed envelopes from eligible candidates who match the qualifications required to provide biomedical supplies and equipment to reinforce efforts to combat maternal mortality in Gabon.
  3. The supplies and equipment that are the subject of the order will be presented as a “single batch” destined for 14 health structures (6 Maternal and Infantile health Centres, 7 Maternity wards and 1 Family Planning Centre).
  4. The tenderers interested can obtain additional information from the project management unit (UGP) only:
    - by telephone on + (241) 76 35 96 /+(241) 06 03 88 80,
    - or by Email: with copy to
    - or on the website:
  5. The full Call for Tenders file in French can be obtained Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m., at the following address:
    Unité de Gestion du Projet, Centre Hospitalier de Libreville, BP: 50 – Libreville, Gabon
  6. The clauses in the Instructions to tenderers and those in the administrative and general specifications (CCAG) are the clauses in the French Development Agency’s Standard Bidding Document for Public Supply Contracts.
  7. All bids must be submitted to the address indicated below no later than Tuesday 13 November 2012 at 8:30 a.m., and must include a tender guarantee representing an amount equivalent to 1% of the amount of the bid.
    - Unité de Gestion du Projet, Centre Hospitalier de Libreville, BP: 50 – Libreville, Gabon
    - Phone: + (241) (241) 76 35 96 /+(241) 06 03 88 80.
  8. The envelopes will be opened in the presence of any tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend the opening, on Tuesday 13 November 2012 at 10:30 a.m., at the Direction Générale de la Planification des Infrastructures et des Equipements situated in Oloumi, beside the National Pharmaceuticals Office.
  9. The contract will be awarded through an open call for tenders procedure as defined in the Public Contracts Code and will be open to all eligible candidates.

Eligibility of tenderers:

The criteria for eligibility are the following:

  • The exclusion criteria in article 11 of decree no. 001140/PR/MEFBP of 18 December 2002 constituting the Code of Public Contracts in Gabon should not apply to the tenderer.
  • A tenderer should not have been subject to a court exclusion decision for corruption or fraudulent practice by virtue of the provisions in article 128 of the Code of Public Contracts in Gabon.
  • The tenderers (including all the members of a group of companies and all the tenderer’s sub-contractors) must not be associated or have been associated in the past with a company (or the affiliates of a company) which has provided consulting services for the preparation of the specifications, plans, calculations and other documents used within the framework of the Contracts signed with respect to this call for tenders.
  • Public enterprises can only participate if they are legally and financially independent, if they are managed according to commercial legislation and if they are not directly or indirectly controlled by the Buyer.



Gaston Biyogo Bi Ndong
Coordinateur Nation du Projet
Unité de Gestion du Projet
Sise au Centre Hospitalier de Libreville

Telephone:  (241) 76 35 96

To find out more:

See also the website of the French Development Agency (AFD).

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